Seller: Daniel Martinez
State: Florida
City: Orlando
Zip code: 32801
Type: Pets

The Cavapoo is largely considered to be a very sweet dog that is quite easy to train. This is a dog that does very well in families with children due to the fact that it gets along with children well. These are very friendly and good natured dogs. Prospective owners should be aware of the fact that some Cavapoos can have a slight tendency to be somewhat hyper, but taking them out for walks and ensuring they get adequate exercise can help to curb this. The Cavapoo is a dog that craves human companionship and does quite well with all age groups ranging from children to older adults.
Prospective owners should also be aware of the fact that unlike many other breeds that are somewhat reserved around strangers, the Cavapoo tends to be friendly to strangers. This means that the Cavapoo cannot largely be depended upon to act as a guard dog or watchdog.
English Option 49
Spanish Option 89